Friday, 1 January 2010

Planning Ahead

I think the key to success for me in my Beautiful 2010 is going to be planning ahead. For example, I know that tomorrow I am going to work, and then straight out to Prezzo for dinner and the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes.


I am going to cook myself mixed berry porridge to keep me going through to lunch time at work.

For lunch I shall be eating a tuna salad, some yoghurt, apple slices and grapes. Instead of my habitual coffee, I will be drinking lemon green tea.

Rather than deciding what I want to eat at the restaurant when we get there, I have been on to the website and decided that I shall be eating the chicken caesar salad.

I don't plan on having ice cream at the cinema, but if I do I will be having one scoop instead of two, and having the frozen yoghurt instead of the ice cream.

Hopefully by thinking ahead, by the time I come to the actual crunch point of making the choices, I will lean towards the right ones!

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