Sunday, 17 March 2013

Marching On

So, my first weigh in since really properly starting to get my head into the right space - and I was pleased to find I had lost 4 lbs - although perhaps a little surprised. Not because I have been cheating (I haven't!) or because I haven't been putting the effort in (I have!) but because my home scales haven't shown the same loss. I am going to try hard not to get too tied to the scales - after all, weight loss is meant to be a symptom of my new healthier habits more than anything else - but at the moment I find myself hopping on the scales each morning 'just to see'. I must work on cutting that out, I think. It makes sense to go by the scales I pay to be weighed on! I have found having the mason jars of roasted veggies in my fridge has really helped with eating healthfully, and have used them in salads, a frittata, pasta, and a curry. I will definitely be doing this again next week. It has been odd this week being off of work, and in a way, although it was nice to have the time out, it was hard finding my routine broken. So for the coming week, getting back into the routines I had started and maybe even building on them is going to be my goal. I really want to see a loss on the scales on Wednesday as well, although I am feeling less confident about that. Again, not because I have been cheating or not trying, but because I lost more than I was expecting last week, I wonder if it will 'even out' over this week. So, tomorrow I will be starting with my hot water and lemon juice, and following it up with a fresh made juice with wheatgrass. I think I will try something simple like apple, celery, carrot and ginger, but in the coming weeks I want to work my way through these, too: For breakfast I am going to have an overnight oat pot - I really love making these. They are super easy - in the bottom of a bowl you put half a banana, sliced, and a handful of raspberries. (You can vary the fruit as you wish, but these are my favourites). On top of these I add 1/4 cup of porridge oats, and 1/2 tbsp chia seeds. Then I stir in 1/2 cup milk, and leave in the fridge overnight. They set into something approaching cold trifle, and I like to drizzle a little honey over before eating. I am going to carry on the good work by taking my lunch to work (a pesto pasta salad, homemade) and dinner tomorrow night is going to be a butternut squash risotto, to use up the last of my mason jar veggies. Tomorrow evening I am going to take some time out to plan some dinners and lunches for the week ahead. The routines from last week are my hot water and lemon juice followed by fresh juice or smoothie with wheatgrass start to the day. My new routines are going to be taking lunch to work, and listening to my hypnosis track in the evenings.

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