Friday, 8 March 2013

One Thing At A Time

I am trying really hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. It is really tempting to make huge sweeping changes, but then I know that I am less likely to be able to sustain those long term, rather than bringing in one thing at a time. When I start to think about everything I want to do, I panic slightly, and then feel overwhelmed, and then start to think I can’t do this. But I can. So I keep trying to bring myself back to the small details. On one hand, I know that drinking hot water and lemon juice, drinking a smoothie or juice with wheatgrass and taking a multivitamin isn’t enough on their own to bring about all the changes I want to make. But it is a start. And I often find that having started well, it makes me want to continue well. And even though they might not be enough on their own, they aren’t a magic wand, they are positive steps, if baby steps in the right direction. I am trying really hard to focus on progress, not perfection! This morning, I was tired, really tired. I nearly couldn’t be bothered to make my hot water and lemon juice. You know those bone-tired days, where everything is just too much effort? Today was that day. But something made me grab the nearest cup, even though it wasn’t my pretty glass cup, empty the kettle into it, and squeeze in my lemon. After that, I had some boiled eggs for breakfast. But I really couldn’t face making a juice and cleaning the juicer. Then I thought about how the last few days I have felt full right up until lunch time, having had my morning juice or smoothie, and how pleased I was I had made the effort to have my lemon water. So I put a cup of cold water into my vitamix with a banana, a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder, and a handful of frozen strawberries, and whizzed it all up. Quick and simple, and a good boost to my morning. Little victories, the keeping on keeping on. I was really excited this morning – I hopped on the scales and it showed I am in the 13s of the next stone down rather than the 1s of the stone up. I got off and got on again, and it showed me bang on the 0. So I tried again at got the 1. Again and got the 13! Clearly my scales aren’t the most accurate in the world, but it does feel good to feel like I am making progress.

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